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What My Clients Are Saying

Dante demonstrated strategic thinking by completing a thorough analysis of systems and processes across all EU markets.

After that, Dante took initiative to kick off an IT project to replace a critical but outdated IT system.

Dante was able to work effectively across global markets to deliver results and move projects ahead.

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Donald Tauro

VP Technology, Ford

I have worked with Dante on Finance Transformation projects and I really admire the way he drives the purpose.

If you are looking for a person who knows Finance, Projects, Empower People, Deliver Results - Then you are looking at the right person!

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Sathish Kumar

Finance Transformation Manager

Dante has been somebody I trusted and looked toward for advice. His guidance, interview practice and encouragement had helped me to create clarity on how to position myself.

Dante has been a mentor to me for the last few months and his overall presence had a positive impact on my career!

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Alejandra Huamán

Account Executive


Common Questions Answered

Answers to Your FAQs: Find Out More!

What does digital transformation involve?

Digital transformation involves integrating technology into every aspect of a business to improve efficiency, productivity and customer experience. It includes adopting new digital tools, redesigning processes and embracing a digital-first mindset.

How can digital transformation benefit my company?

Digital transformation can benefit your company in various ways. It can streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance customer engagement, enable data-driven decision-making and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What kind of consulting services do you offer?

I offer Project Management consulting to help businesses develop and implement effective digital strategies in their Finance transformation. This includes assessing your current processes, digital capabilities, to identify areas for improvement and provide guidance on technology adoption, organisational change and performance measurement.

What types of training and mentoring do you provide?

I provide both technical and non-technical training and mentoring. This includes classroom or online courses on digital tools and technologies, as well as customised strategic sessions to help individuals or teams navigate the complexities of digital transformation and develop the necessary future-proof skills for success.